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Wood Floor Refinishing Long Island brings your wood floors back to their original luster. Floor care is an important part of any cleaning routine, regardless of the type of flooring installed. After all, gravity pulls everything down as low as it can, so whatever floats around in a room - dust, dirt, pollen, and fur, for example - will find its way to the floor. In addition, when you come inside you carry traces of you, sand, gum or some other sticky surface, and more. Even with proper maintenance (see below for some guidelines) wood floors eventually start to show signs of wear and tear. To avoid this you should use the wood floor refinishing service of Long Island Wood Floor Refinishing.

Types of Wood Floors

When you call Wood Floor Refinishing Long Island for an estimate, one of the first things that we will determine before going any further is the type of floor that needs cleaning. Many people use the moniker 'wood floor' without realizing that the floor in question may not actually be of wood. There are three main types of 'wood floors' available today. Laminate, which may also be called floating wood tile and looks like wood, is actually layer upon layer of synthetic material. Laminate flooring is sometimes confused with engineered wood floors, which is actually made of layers of wood and plastic laminate veneer. And then, of course, there is solid wood flooring, which can be finished or unfinished, parquet, strip or plank. The type of flooring installed will influence not only the cleaning method, but also give a clue as to what kind of results can be expected.

Wood Floor Maintenance

There are a few things you can do to keep wood floors or all types in good shape. First of all, daily sweeping is essential. When you walk on dirt, dust or sand you are, essentially, sanding the floor with the bottom of your shoes, scratching the surface and rubbing off the finish. In addition to sweeping, you should damp mop once a week - be careful about using a soft cloth and limit the use of water or any other liquid.

Professional Maintenance

As you have just read, wood floor maintenance is easy, so why do you need Wood Floor Refinishing Long Island? The answer is simple. Overtime, all wood floors begin to show signs of wear and tear. Luckily, hardwood floor surfaces can be renewed. The renewal process is labor intensive, and requires specific knowledge. Wood Floor Refinishing Long Island uses state-of-the-art equipment and tried and true methods to improve the way a worn or damaged floor looks. As a bonus, if you've been wanting to change the color of your floor, you can have Wood Floor Refinishing Long Island strip the finish and apply a new one in the color of your choice.

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