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Rug Cleaning Long Island

Rug Cleaning Long Island know how to handle practically every kind of rug there is. Rugs come in all shapes and sizes. They come in a multitude of fabrics and fibers. Some rugs are used as art, and hung on a wall. Some rugs are used to as a design accent, adding color and style to a room. Other rugs perform more utilitarian functions, like protecting carpets from overuse, or protecting underlying floor surfaces from scratches or transmitting noises to the downstairs neighbors. Regardless of how you use your rug, keeping it clean is critical to keeping it in service. Rug Cleaning Long Island is everyone's favorite rug cleaner. The courteous and professional staff has logged in thousands of hours of rug cleaning.

Small to Midsize Rugs

area rug cleaning | oriental rug cleaningIn addition to specific instructions regarding the cleaning of particular carpet fabrics and fibers, the size of a rug also influences how best to handle it. Small rugs, such as throw rugs, may be machine washable. Even so, think twice about throwing an area rug (or bath mat, for that matter) into your washing machine. They become quite heavy when wet, and may put too much of a strain on your machine. Rugs also accumulate quite a bit of debris - debris which could clog your washer's drain. Drying the rug properly is a whole different matter. Luckily, Rug Cleaning Long Island has just the right equipment to get it done, and in some cases, can provide pickup and delivery services, as well.

Large Rugs

Large rugs are always cleaned on-site, and to get the job done quickly and efficiently, Rug Cleaning Long Island uses only the best, most modern rug cleaning equipment available. In just a few hours, they will purge your rugs of all pollutants, such as mites, dirt, crumbs, animal dander, etc. As part of the service, Rug Cleaning Long Island will inspect your rugs for premature signs of wear, spots, stains, and other issues, then discuss their recommended course of action. If your rug needs extensive stain removal, odor removal, rug repair or any other special service, your approval will be attained before any steps are taken.

  • Big, small or mid-sized specialty rugs, such as hand made rugs, rugs made of natural fibers, oriental and Persian rugs and other specialty fibers, require extremely specialized treatment. Do not attempt to clean or wash them on your own. Call Rug Cleaning Long Island for a free consult. Don't forget to ask about Persian rug restoration services.

Dirt rugs have a recognizable impact on your interiors. They can be malodorous. They can cause a room to look old and worn out. When loaded with dust, they can make you sneeze, and in extreme cases, may bring about respiratory distress. Don't wait. Call Carpet Cleaning Long Island at 631-885-8071 today.

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