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Air Duct Cleaning Long Island

Air Duct Cleaning Long Island is the region's experts when it comes to air duct cleaning service. Researchers have been looking at the issue of how our health is affected by the air that we breathe when we are indoors. This air is often delivered to the indoor environment via closed channels called air ducts, which are attached to heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. This is especially true for the indoor air that is found in cities with harsh weather conditions and in commercial locations around the country. Their findings, while inconclusive, have raised questions about whether or not matter found inside air ducts negatively affect us, and whether or not there exists an effective way to clean these ducts, and thus improve indoor air quality.

air duct cleaning servicesAir Duct Cleaning Long Island is known for its thoroughness and for its honesty - when called upon for an air duct evaluation, we will give you an accurate interpretation of the situation, even if we find that your ducts do not need cleaning at the present.

When we at Air Duct Cleaning Long Island evaluates your ducts, it conducts an eyes-on inspection of the duct work using small cameras on wheels to get visuals of the ducts. Common duct contaminants include dust, cobwebs, spider webs and insects. Inspections carried out at locations where construction was recently completed also turned up construction debris and evidence of rodents. During the inspection, the number and length of ducts are noted so that the estimate you get is accurate. Some unscrupulous duct cleaning outfits will hook you in with a seemingly low price - then, on cleaning day, They'll explain that the price only covers a certain number of ducts of a certain length and that additional feet cost more.

Air Duct Cleaning Process

Air duct cleaning from Air Duct Cleaning Long Island includes systematic cleaning of all the duct work using far reaching hoses, grills and registers, and cleaning visible parts of the air system. They will use one of two methods, depending on what's right for your particular location and duct configuration. One process involves power vacuuming the insides of the duct work using a special vacuum brush attachment at the end of a long, telescopic hose. The other system involves using a negative air machinery and a brush system or powerful compressor to push debris out of the ducts. Both methods employ some means of HEPA filtration, so dust is not released into your home during the process.

Professional Cleaners

Regardless of which method is appropriate for you, we at Air Duct Cleaning Long Island cleaning will remove and clean all vent covers, lay down protective cloths or paper as required. We will then use any of our tried and true methods for loosing dust that has settled in the ducts - this will enhance results. The final step of the duct cleaning process is cleaning the coils and blower of your HVAC system. If required, we at Air Duct Cleaning Long Island will also replace air filters and/or apply special treatments, such as disinfectants, sealers and deodorizers.

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