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Carpet Cleaning Long Island

Carpet Cleaning Long Island is your one-stop shop for professional solutions to all your carpet cleaning needs If you are searching for carpet cleaning in your area! If your carpets are worn, old, dingy and stained, Carpet Cleaning Long Island will turn them around in no time! Our carpet cleaning services will simply amaze you - when our technicians leave, we are certain you will be blown away by how much newer your carpets look. We can erase so much evidence of prior use and everyday life: coffee stains, food stains, wine stains, dirt stains; we can do it all!

How, you wonder? Well that is actually up to you! There are a wide variety of carpet cleaning solutions, ranging from dry compound cleaning to carpet shampooing to steam cleaning.

hardwood floor refinishing
hardwood floor refinishing

Carpet Cleaning Methods - Dry Cleaning

With dry compound cleaning, a biodegradable dry compound is applied to the carpet. Carpet Cleaning Long Island professional's grade brushing system then brushes the compound into the carpet. This dry compound attracts dirt within the fibers of the carpet, and when we vacuum it all up, your carpet is left much cleaner! Dry compound cleaning is a good cleaning solution for area rugs that cannot tolerate any bit of moisture, or for clients who absolutely cannot wait for a carpet or area rug to dry after any other cleaning method, such as shampooing or steam cleaning.

Carpet Shampooing

In carpet shampooing, a very foamy detergent is applied to the carpet. This foam dries to a powder, attracts dirt, and is vacuumed away. Carpet shampooing does require the use of water, so it is a only suitable for carpets that can tolerate water. Also, carpet shampooing must be done by trained professionals, as over-wetting (or using too much water), can have negative side effects on the carpet, such as shrinkage, staining and odor issues.

cermaic tile & grout cleaning
ceramic tile and grout cleaning

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is one of the most effective carpet cleaning methods with zero negative side effects. Steam cleaning uses a miniscule amount of water as compared with other carpet cleaning methods, and has many benefits, two of which are that it removes much more dirt and results in a much shorter drying time.

In steam cleaning, a fine spray of very hot water is injected into the carpet pile, which agitates dirt, dust mites, pollen, stains and other particles loose. Because the water injection is so powerful, these particles can be loosened from much deeper within the carpet than other methods of cleaning, which really only treat the surface of the carpet. Steam cleaning is therefore a great solution for allergy sufferers, as it removes many allergens from deep within the carpet.

After the water is sprayed into the carpet, a powerful vacuum will suck up the water and dirt that was loosened. Because so little water was used in the first place, and because the vacuum we at Carpet Cleaning Long Island uses is so powerful, steam cleaning results in a very short drying time for your carpets and area rugs.

Steam cleaning is the preferred method of cleaning by most carpet manufacturers. Although we feel this is an excellent testament to steam cleaning's effectiveness and gentleness, we at Carpet Cleaning Long Island will analyze your carpets and area rugs to determine the best cleaning method for you.

Whether you have a small area rug in your home with a single stain on it, or an office full of aged area carpet, Carpet Cleaning Long Island can meet your needs, and we are happy to do so!

water damage restoration
flood & water damage restoration

Long Island Carpet Cleaning

Long Island Carpet Cleaning has been providing excellent professional carpet cleaning services in Long Island area, and we would love to add you to our expanding list of more than satisfied customers! We pride ourselves on our good business ethics and customer care.

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